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Stillman Law Office

Custom SNAP!office Furnishings Transform New Location

Customized Solutions Allowed Company to Create its Own Space Without Breaking the Bank

THE SKINNY: New Home, Old Furniture

Stillman Law Office had outgrown their space and were in the process of moving into a new, larger home that could accommodate the company’s growing workforce. With all the expense of moving and outfitting a new location to accommodate a larger staff, price was a significant factor for the company as it began to look for solutions to furnish its new space.

THE HURDLE: Quality Products, Good Value

“Our goal with the move was to create an exciting, inviting, new working environment, but as costs continued to mount, it was looking like our only options were going to be either continuing to use the same old cubicles from the old office, or purchasing remanufactured furniture,” explained Michael Stillman, owner of the firm. “Moving the old stuff wasn't a very appealing idea, but we had some pretty specific things we were looking for based on the business we are in and the space we were moving to. It was going to be a challenge to find furniture to fulfill our needs.”

THE SOLUTION: SNAP!office Custom Furniture

While looking online to find a solution to his furniture problems, Michael came across the SNAP!office website and found the answer he was looking for. “Working with SNAP! allowed us to create customized furniture solutions that accomplished our goals, looked amazing and cost about the same as some of the used furniture we were looking at.”
Michael appreciated how easy the entire experience was and the fact that he was able to stay involved in every step of the process. Using a CAD drawing of the new space, Michael completed an online design session with a SNAP! designer using their SEEchangeTM software system. “I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but she knew all the right questions to ask to help me navigate all the different options that were available.”

For multitasking offices, the most effective floor plans are often a mix of spaces, which is exactly what Stillman Law Office needed. The call center required workstations with more privacy and soundproofing, but that still allowed employees to see each other across the office. The accounting team called for a collaborative workspace setting. Training rooms needed to accommodate large groups of people in a classroom setting, and the company needed several conference areas as well. SNAP!office created a cohesive plan that offered the solutions needed for each of these very different environments.

“I was really impressed with the level of service that was provided and the high quality of the products, and I really appreciated the speed with which they worked. We needed reliable, attractive, affordable products right away and SNAP!office was able to deliver. Based on my experience, I would definitely recommend SNAP!office to any business that is in the market for office furniture.”